Frequently asked questions

Can I name the point label?

Yes, the point label is flexible for store owner to modify. Let name your point label how to match with your brand, loyalty program. They can be set up as coin, flowers, bucks, loves, balloons, $, pounds and so on.

What languages Reward Points extension support?

The module supports multiple popular languages such as English, German, France,....

Explain more about Importer Plugin’s benefit?

This is the advanced plugin so that you preserve all data of customer’s reward points when you remove previous Reward Points system and install the new one. Thus, your Loyalty program management is never interrupted.

How to know the current amount of points a customer has?

You completely manage customer’s information related to loyalty program in Magento Admin Panel. You can filter point balances by date, customer, total balance, customer group, and more. This is allowed to export to .CSV file if you wish.

Can I only sell several products by points?

Yes, it is enabled for you by “Point-only” functionality. Such products are only paid by points without required cash. This is the awesome way to increase your customer’s experience on your site to earn more and more points. Wish you happy with the fantastic feature.

Is it compatible with One Step Checkout extension?

It is fully compatible with One Step Checkout extension