10 Things to Make Successful Online Store & More Enjoyable

Make Successful Online Store

Maybe it's time to look at the actual shopping experience on your site and see if it's fun enough for customers not to give up their browsing in frustration. Some of the elements required to facilitate interesting virtual browsing, as illustrated below, are the easy-to-use design, efficient class navigation, attractive reward points, detailed product pages, live chat and fast payouts.

Make the user interface of the website more useful

With responsive design and Intuitive

In addition to eye-catching, landing pages should be easy to use with just a glance. This means that when a customer comes to your site, they can use it immediately with little or no instruction, allowing a smooth and relaxed web browsing experience. For example, if a visitor first visits your store and wants to browse or find your contact details, do they know where to click to show all the information they want? Or should they break their minds out of quests at hand to figure out how to use the site first?

There are a lot of rules involved when creating an intuitive web site, but some of them are: be aware of your end user’s goals, follow the conventions and perform checks.

First of all, know your customer. Are people visiting your site mostly tech savvy or are they new to the Internet? In all cases, ask yourself how many visitors may and may not know about using your site and designing your page accordingly.

Second, adhere to the standard: there are things that Internet users have been trained to do, such as click the large icon in the top left corner to return to the home page, scroll down to the bottom to contact with the site owner or click outside a box pops up to close it. Contrary to convention, it just means that newcomers are hard to understand, not impressed with them. Moving your home page button to one side can look nice, but somewhere there will be a frustrated clientele, who can not seem to find their way back to the main page.

Finally, always check at least once to see if your site is intuitive enough. Usually, this simply involves having a new person come to your site with you watching from behind, silently taking notes without interference. If there are any problems, it will appear quickly after about 10 people.

Creates a good navigation bar

Just like in brick and mortar, where goods are systematically sorted and placed on shelves, a virtual store also needs a navigation compartment to allow customers to easily get the product they want. Do not stop by giving only the name and type of product; Provides options to choose between price ranges, ratings, colors, brands, sizes and the like. Having a class navigation means that the search time is shorter and more convenient for the customer.

However, keep in mind that the filtering system must also be easy to use and understand, just like with the general design of the web. Use simple design and popular words so even those who have never shopped online may find out how to navigate your website.

Detailed and honest product information page

Once you make sure the navigation steps are easy to do, you’ll want to make sure the product page has enough information to let customers know the product and decide whether to buy the product.

Describe the specific product:

Be updated with every product in your store and give them a complete description. If they are physical products, record all their sizes, colors, available weights, and put a notice of what’s out. If they are software, then give the appropriate instructions (or links to it) about what they require to operate and how to run them.

Another important part is that the review is enabled. If a customer is still unsure about a product, then the review will give them more information and maybe a good review or two from others will give them a boost. In addition, this also shows that you pay attention to customer comments and other requirements plus customer service.

Real product slide images

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it is especially true for e-commerce, where physical examination is impossible. For many, the lack of a full product image can be a coping tool. Instead of having a general picture of a dress or a bag lying on a flat surface, why not try it on a real life model? Instead of a picture of a chair, showing how it really fits in a living room. Showing customers what the product looks like in everyday use will make it more convincing and friendly as it replicates the traditional shopping experience.

Services and Payment

Use Live Chat Support

You may think that FAQs, email, social media, and phones will suffice to answer customer questions, but they may take a while to provide any feedback while chatting. directly provide answers and intermediary advice. It is this instant nature that makes live chat worthwhile. It can even increase the interest of the browser and keep them longer at the store.

Also, a greeting from a chat box makes visitors feel like attending an assistant at a traditional shop but there is no resentment being hidden around the store, carrying To the satisfaction level in your store

Fast transactions

Fast loading speed Last but not least, make sure your site loads fast. Long load time is a killer switch. According to Forbes, a report showed that after loading the page for three seconds, 40% of the browser dropped out of the site. Only on mobile devices, this percentage increased to 53% in doubleclickbygoogle. An ideal site should load less than 2 seconds if it wants to keep the visitor’s attention. If your site has a slow download speed, you may want to optimize it. See the images, animations, fonts and layouts you have and see if you can simplify any of them. Ajax downloads will also help to shorten the waiting time. Aesthetics is really important, but the user experience needs to come first. If the customer’s patience runs out, they will never see your page regardless of the content presented inside.

Make sure the Checkout page is optimized

Scoring is often the final step of a successful conversion. However, stores can still lose customers at this last step. It could be due to a complicated process, a long loading time, or both. Instead of using default payments, you should consider using optimized payments, where customers can quickly check their orders and adjust, fill out information, choose delivery methods. and complete their purchase on just one step checkout.

Last word

To conclude, there are many factors involved in a thriving online business, but allowing customers to shop in the most comfortable way is a prerequisite for it. After all, you may not have a price or product advantage, but you can always make it to your store as the easiest to buy from.

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